A group of students from Arab American University visits Trust Insurance

Date: 2021-01-25

Monday, Jan 25th,2021
Trust Insurance received a group of Master’s Program students from the Arab American University, accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Sadaqa, Instructor of Strategic Thinking subject. Mr. Atiyeh Mousa; GM Assistant for the Development and Strategic Planning lectured about the Insurance Sector in Palestine, in specific the activities, challenges and obstacles that the sector faces during the recent pandemic (COVID 19)
Mr. Atieh lectured about the status of Trust since it’s featured as a member of Trust International Insurance Group for Insurance, the largest insurance and reinsurance group in the Middle East and the World,  and operates in 17 global and regional countries; which makes the company enjoys large solvency margin and ability to deal with risks. Then Mr. Atiyeh opened the discussion which was very goal-oriented and interesting.
It’s worth mentioning that these activities by Trust come within the social responsibility activities in the different fields; cultural, sport, and social to support our Palestinian community.

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