A word from our CEO

Anwar Al-Shanti
CEO of Trust International Group in Palestine
We believe that “success is born from the womb of suffering”. Trust Insurance is a Palestinian success story that began in the diaspora lands where Palestinians were forcibly displaced, it has grown on the shoulders of Palestinian experts in the field of insurance and banking, With a current footprint spanning seventeen countries across the region and the globe, to transfer its expertise again into its homeland.
Trust International Insurance Company (Trust Palestine); provides financial protection and support for the Palestinians which falls in line with the company’s strong strategy and policy, protecting the public's business and property through best practice. Therefore, it has been named the leading insurance services corporation and draws on our maintained proven track-record to be on the very top of insurance companies in Palestine over the past ten years.
We are grateful to “His Blessing” that our company's vision has been achieved, to become the first choice of Palestinian individuals and corporates, and we grow with our goals and visions to support Palestinians and to provide protection from any danger.
Trust is expanding its investments and activities in Palestine through various subsidiaries, which are: Smart Health for Health Insurance Services, Trust Real Estate, and Trust Tourism.
We are proud to preserve our national and social duty by providing cultural, economical and educational support to various segments of society through our sponsorship of many activities and events, Stemming from our commitment and social responsibility to support our community. Therefore, Trust has established a physical presence in various Palestinian activities.
We wish you continued health and wellness, and may your businesses further progress, and your property fully protected
Together we stand,,,,