About Trust

Trust International Insurance Company (Trust Palestine) is a public joint stock Company established by a group of Palestinian and Arab businessmen with distinguished and longstanding experience in the field of insurance throughout the Arab and international markets.
Trust Palestine, which expanded its activity to all over Palestine, began its first steps in 1994 and is a fellow member of Trust International Insurance Group for Insurance, one of the most important and largest insurance and reinsurance groups in the Middle East and the world.
Trust Palestine continues to provide the protection and security for the citizens' properties, provide the country with qualified and talented cadres and experts, and contribute qualitatively in building the economy and achieving the promise to contribute in the construction and development wherever it exists and with all its capabilities.
Who We Are
Trust International Insurance Company (Trust Palestine) is unique in its nature and standing compared to other Palestinian companies. Its board members have worldwide and international experience in the insurance field. The Company is featured as a member of Trust International Insurance Group for Insurance, the largest insurance and reinsurance group in the Middle East and the World, and the most successful and distinctive in the world of insurance services, has made a quantum leap in insurance services at the local and global level, which make it earn everyone's trust in all of its technical and carrying capacities as an important guarantee against the insured risks enhanced with a solvency margin and extensive financial possibilities in order to guarantee immediate repayment of claims and accidents.
Our Company has a large carrying capacity to take risks and a distinguished group of qualified and reputable cadres with a longstanding technical expertise and a constellation of belonging and persistent employees who are ready to be dedicated to serving their customers.
Trust ... The First Choice
The vision that Trust Palestine aspires is to become the first choice for companies and individuals. Trust Insurance Company is the result of accumulated experiences through decades where it has established a wealth of knowledge and experience, prepared all possibilities, and bent on achieving them practically during its career. We, thank God, have become the first choice for an important segment in the Palestinian Market. We have reached the market leadership as the largest operating Company. We continue to lead the Palestinian Insurance Market and remain as the first choice for any consumer in order to reach the first place in production, profits, expansion, number and type of goods, shareholders' equity and customer satisfaction by all that and through strength, reputation, quality of service, rapid response to needs, outreach, diversity of goods, and quality of performance.
Our system of values is our moral reference that describes what we truly believe in and guides us in our behavior and activities. This reference helps us in decision making, choosing the type of business we engage in, and identifying the markets we trade in and the quality of the people we are about to work with. We get along, interact, and are guided by the values of the group in our performance which consist of:
§  Openness: We act according to the highest standards of honesty and dignity, encouraging everyone to express their opinions and ideas in a positive and balanced way to the commonweal and the best interests of everybody. Each work unit and mission of the group will be motivated to create a mechanism that will encourage the entire staff to come up with developmental suggestions for our services and methods of work.
§  Justice: We treat everyone fairly and equitably without any gender-, nationality-, race-, religion-, or color-based discrimination, and treat everyone with the respect they deserve and give them the human dignity they deserve.
§  Compliance: We respect the regulations and laws of the country in which we operate and are committed to their spirit and details. We are committed not to encourage or remain silent about any illegal activities that can be committed in the name of our staff and our business partners. We respect all copyright and intellectual property rights of others and protect our part of copyright and intellectual property rights through legal means available to us.
§  Team Spirit: We take everyone's hand to work to the «commonweal» and the best interests of the entire group. We express, respectively, to them our fullest willingness to our desire in holding high the torch, and work to reward hard work plans, recognition policies, and those who worked on. We also will encourage employees to share their knowledge with those less experienced, acknowledge the spirit of teamwork, and place it above individual achievements.
§  Change: As we are eager to grow and expand our business interests, and always strive for the change inevitably, we continue to assure our employees that the change should not be a threat but an opportunity to develop our standards at the individual and collective levels.
§  Responsibility: We maintain the equitable balance between encouraging our employees to take on their responsibilities to risk and not allowing others, always, to act without motivation and ability to get the jobs assigned to them done. Those who cannot rise to the standards required for professional performance are encouraged to continue their career development in another place with dignity and justice.
§  People Working with Us: We choose very carefully whom we like to work for our group, or with it, on the basis of their ability to share their values and professionalism to work with us.  
Good Governance:
In accordance with the vision of the Board of Directors and the Company's Senior Management, the Company is constantly working to implement the principles of good governance to achieve the Company's high interest in parallel with the interest of shareholders and investors, based on the firm conviction of the importance of exercising the utmost accuracy and transparency. Hence the interest in disclosing the Company's financial statements, activities, and core aspects of all categories of investors.
The Company adopts the democratic principle in the introduction of all subjects, where elections are conducted freely in the meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly as well as the formation of Committees of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management, and the Code of Corporate Governance was adopted.
The Company will continue to adhere to the standards that define the work areas of each member of the family of Trust International Insurance Company - Palestine from the Board of Directors, which follows the progress of the Company, its strategies, and future plans, as well as the approval of the estimated budgets, regulations and investment and financial policies, to the Executive Management which supports the current operation of the Company and looking for new opportunities in order to expand and spread the introduction of new insurance products to the Palestinian Market, and even each member of this family carries out its tasks driven by the one team spirit through an organizational structure that easily illustrates the hierarchy of functions, tasks, responsibilities, and duties.
Trust International Insurance Company - Palestine is committed to disclosing its financial performance through its quarterly reports, semi-annual reports, and annual report, and the meetings of its General Assemblies, and communicates with the shareholders transparently through the Investment and Shareholders Affairs Department which responds to the queries of shareholders and investors of the Company.