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Health Insurance

Trust International Insurance Company is proud to offer a comprehensive family health insurance program (your health matters) that is specifically designed to cover all health services for the family according to the chosen coverage category, including around the clock examination, diagnosis, treatment, and medication expenses, through an integrated network of Competent doctors and specialists in all medical fields and through hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies found across all areas in Palestine. To view the network of doctors participating in the Smart Health service, click here
 The health insurance is managed by “Smart Health” Company for Health Insurance Services, which is one of the subsidiaries of Trust International Insurance Group in Palestine, and it is considered a company specialized in managing the portfolio and claims related to health insurance, while using the idea of ​​the insured's “smart card’, and has paid great attention to building and developing health insurance services based on scientific and economic foundation that is in line with the latest global systems that suit the economic and social conditions of our people, as it provides comprehensive and distinguished health service to the company's clients through the largest medical network in Palestine, and is constantly updated with new agreements with distinguished health care facilities and providers such as hospitals, laboratories, radiology centers, and pharmacies.

Important health insurance instructions

  • The Health Insurance Department is ready to guide the insured, provide advice and make the necessary arrangements in all accredited medical facilities to ensure effectively benefit from the health insurance program around the clock.

  • In the event of any violations by the approved medical authorities, please refer to the Health Insurance Department to conduct its role and solve any problems that may occur.

  • Please show your health insurance card when visiting approved doctors and medical facilities.

  • Each agreement has its own conditions and exclusions attached to it, and to ensure that no confusion occurs, please check the signed policy to become familiar with the coverage granted within the agreement and its exceptions.

According to the signed agreements, there are some laboratory and radiological examinations that need prior approval, and the approval is obtained from the company by the approved medical facility.